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Rogers – The Inventor of Safety Baseball & Softball Bases

Would a catcher catch without a facemask? A batter bat without a helmet? So why would a base runner slide into baseball bases that absorb impact like a brick wall? At Rogers® we proved the runner doesn’t have to.

Rogers® Baseball and Softball Bases have a "progressive compression and release" design that absorb improper slides and, in extreme cases, disengage altogether.

Following decades of clinical research, testing and refinement, Rogers® Break Away Baseball Bases® are now the de facto system in the market at displacing energy from player to base – without creating a secondary hazard or danger to other ball players.

From youth baseball leagues to MLB training camps, Rogers® Break Away Baseball Base® is persistently referred to as the best base on the market – and for good reason.  With over 30 years of use, Rogers continues to out-perform its competitors both in minimizing injuries and in long lasting durability. But don’t take our word for it, read what some of our best customers have to say here.

Call them baseball bases with brains - they think when players don't.. And the results speak for themselves. Learn more about Rogers® Break Away Baseball and Softball bases.