Baseball Bases, Baseball Home Plate And The Science of Safety

Rogers – The Creator of Safety Baseball and Softball Bases

Would a catcher catch without a facemask? A batter bat without a helmet? So why would a base runner slide into baseball bases that absorb impact like a brick wall? At Rogers® we proved the runner doesn’t have to.

Rogers® baseball and softball bases have a "progressive compression and release" design that absorb improper slides and, in extreme cases, disengage altogether.

Following decades of clinical research, testing, and refinement, Rogers® Break Away Baseball Bases® are now the de facto system in the market at displacing energy from player to base – without creating a secondary hazard or danger to other ball players.

Call them baseball bases with brains - they think when players don't.. And the results speak for themselves. Learn more about Rogers® Break Away Baseball Bases and softball bases.

Baseball Home Plate

The Rogers® One Time™ Home Plate is a modular component home plate system that enhances safety at the plate and provides improved field maintenance. Features of the Rogers baseball home plate include:

A modular design to allow for easy replacement in the baseball field

Beveled collar ensures infield material stays tight against the baseball home plate

Integrated marks and pins provide a guide to line the baseball field

Patented grooves on the interchangeable home plate tops provide a non-slip surface

Rogers® Break Away Baseball Bases®, softball bases and baseball home plate – quality products designed with the players in mind.


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