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Rogers One Time Home Plate

$140.00 $115.00

Rogers® One Time™ Home Plate is a one of a kind modular component baseball home plate system that enhances safety at the plate, provides improved field maintenance and saves money. Interchangeable smooth or grooved white tops are easy to replace without the need to replace the entire system. 

Rogers One Time™ Home Plate features:

  • Modular design allows for easy replacement on the field
  • Beveled collar ensures infield material stays tight against home plate to eliminate gaps and sharp edges
  • Integrated marks and pins provide an excellent guide to set and line the baseball field
  • Patented grooves on the interchangeable plates provide a non-slip surface
  • 100% high quality natural rubber construction

System includes:

  • Bottom - 100% durable natural rubber construction - no wood components that deteriorate
  • Bevelled Collar
  • One (1) smooth white home plate top (small and large grooved white base tops sold separately)
  • Two (2) field set-up pins / base plugs
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