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Little League® Baseball Bases

Former Little League® Baseball President Dr. Creighton J. Hale, now Senior Advisor

"Based on the report from the study conducted by Dr. David Janda, Little League® Baseball has approved the Rogers® Break Away Baseball Base® System. International Little League® Baseball Officials have chosen the Rogers® Break Away Baseball Base® System for use in the Little League® World Series and all of The Little League® Baseball regional facilities in the United States. "We think they are superior."

Download 'College and Professional Baseball Base Sliding Injury Study'

Donna Papa – Head Softball Coach, University of North Carolina

“I’ve been using the Rogers® Breakaway Base® since 2001 and have not had one injury since they were installed on our fields. Not only does it provide safety to my players, it also allows me to teach them proper sliding techniques without the worry of injury. I’ve been coaching for 23 years and in my opinion, Rogers® Breakaway Softball Bases® are the best softball bases on the market – I endorse them 100%.” 

Robin Petrini – Head Softball Coach, The Pennsylvania State University

“I have used Rogers® Break Away Softball Base® Systems at both Northwestern University and now at Penn State. My teams have been playing on the Rogers® Break Away Softball Base® for so long that I forget what type of injuries we used to have. I have found them to be very effective at virtually eliminating sliding injuries” 

The American Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol 18, No. 6 - @1990 American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine

"...Rogers® baseball bases are cost-effective and safer than standard stationary bases. In recreational softball leagues, the use of Rogers® Break Away Baseball Bases® should be mandatory."

Download 'AJSM Sliding Injury Study'

Consumer Product Safety Commission 

"... Chairman Brown gave the second award to Roger Hall, president of Rogers Sports Corp. of Elizabethtown, Pa., for his invention of the Rogers® Break Away Baseball Base®. As head baseball coach at Elizabethtown College, Hall saw that base-sliding injuries occurred to players at all levels - from Little League® baseball to professional. When he could not interest sporting goods manufacturers in making a safer base, he developed one himself.

CPSC's baseball study found that safety release baseball bases, such as the Rogers® Break Away Baseball Base®, could reduce 6,600 base-contact sliding injuries to children occurring in organized play. Currently, Little League® Baseball uses Hall's bases during its Little League® World Series and, for the first time this year, softball played at the Olympics will use these safety bases..."

Don Schaffer - Former President, Elizabethtown Men’s Softball league 1974 – 2006
“I purchased my first set of Rogers® Breakaway Baseball Bases® in 1988 and continue to use them to this day. In the past, we had 4 to 5 major base sliding injuries per year but since installing Rogers Breakaway Baseball Base®, we have had zero, zero - not one injury - as a result of sliding improperly – since 1988! In my 30 plus years as a player and administrator I’ve seen and played on every type of baseball base including stationary and other so called safety bases. Rogers Breakaway Baseball Base® is by far the absolute best base and piece of safety equipment to come along – nothing else comes close. No child or adult should ever play on a field that does not have these baseball bases – period”.


Bob Bell - President, West Chester Area Sports Association

“Our fields have all levels and types of players including Little League® Baseball, girls youth leagues, Co-ed, Fast Pitch, and men’s senior leagues, so safety of our players is a big concern. Before installing Rogers® Breakaway Baseball Base®, I used an alternate safety base and was less than pleased with its performance. I began to research alternate safety baseball bases and when I found Rogers® Breakaway Baseball Base®, my decision to purchase was simple. Since using the base, I am convinced without question that it is the safest design of any base and its performance and engineering are clearly the best”.  

Michael J. Witherwax – Southwest Regional Director, Little League® Baseball and Softball
Little League® World Series Regional Facility

“We have been using the Rogers® Break Away Baseball Base® System at our Little League® Regional facility in Waco, TX for the last 18 years and continue to be impressed with both the performance and durability of the baseball base. We have found them to be effective at reducing the risk of slikding injuries and highly recommend their use on any baseball field.”